August 18th, 2013

Blame the Fed

Блумберг доставляет...
Я думаю, заголовков достаточно:

// "To-remain-accomodative" mode ON
Jul 19, 2013 Dollar Drops as Bets Fade on Fed Tapering; NZ Currency Rallies
Jul 25, 2013 Dollar Drops on Bets Fed Won't Taper Buying Soon; Kiwi Rallies
Jul 26, 2013 Dollar Drops for Third Week on Fed Stimulus Outlook; Kiwi Climbs
// "Taper Fear" mode ON
Jul 30, 2013 Dollar Gains on Taper Speculation Before FOMC; Aussie Declines
Jul 31, 2013 Dollar Rises as GDP Gain Spurs Taper Speculation; Aussie Weakens
Aug 2, 2013 Dollar Rallies as Fed Fails to Erase US Stimulus Speculation
Aug 13, 2013 Dollar Gains as Increase in Retail Sales Boosts Fed-Taper Bets
Aug 15, 2013 Dollar Declines From One-Week High on Fed-Tapering Speculation - WTF?! Сбой матрицы?
Aug 16, 2013 Dollar Rallies as Economic Data Boosts Outlook for Fed Taper - как ни в чем не бывало...